What Papers Do You Need When You Go to the Hospital?

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For hospitals, do we need to bring only copies of our important things like driver’s license and medical insurance cards? Since coronavirus moves fast, how do we express no vents in a timely way? Same with the MOLST. If you already have all these documents, can you add people to a HIPAA release by writing on existing document?


Yes, bring copies of all your important documents. For people who or older or have illnesses that make them more likely than others to go to a hospital, we recommend preparing a “go bag” to hold copies of important papers, a change of clothing, toothbrush and toothpaste, medications, and anything else the person may want. This is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic, since family members may not be able to visit and bring items the patient may want or need.

Keeping documents up-to-date is definitely a challenge. In terms of the MOLST, you need to talk with your doctor. Otherwise, communication with your health care agent is important. I wouldn’t add people to a legal document simply by writing them on the document, since the appointment may need to be witnessed or notarized. It’s best to start with a new document.


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