What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

Is My Wife’s Estate Taxable in Massachusetts?

Question: My wife passed away. In simple terms, how does one fiqure or include items to determine the Massachusetts estate tax? I believe there is a $1 million exemption. Response: I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s death. You are right that the threshold for Massachusetts estate taxation is $1 million. To determine what is […]

Ask Harry Margolis: Answers to your estate planning questions so you can take care of your family and yourself

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Harry Margolis, Esq. has been representing seniors, individuals with special needs and their families since 1987. Since then, he and his firm as a whole have helped thousands of clients pay for long-term care, grapple with the incapacity of a family member, and plan for safe and productive futures for their children and grandchildren.

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