Will Medicaid Pay to Care for Family Members at Home?

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I would like to know what specific program of Medicaid would pay a caregiver to provide care to spouse or parents in their home and how do you qualify for this program?


This depends entirely on your state, but many states do have programs to help pay for home care, though some are more generous than others and some have restrictions on paying family members for care. States have become a bit more generous and resourceful as they recognize that it’s in everybody’s best interest that people with disabilities stay at home for as long as possible.

Two types of programs that may be available in your state and are worth looking into are the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) and adult foster care programs. These may be administered directly by the state or by non-profit organizations contracted with the state. So it’s good to consult with your state’s Medicaid program and with non-profit agencies that work with seniors and people with disabilities.


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