Should We Hire a Law Firm for Nursing Home Medicaid Application?

 In Long-Term Care Planning
Medicaid application

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Should I hire a law firm or non-legal service to assist with the Medicaid application for my mom who will be moving to a nursing home?


Hire a law firm, and perhaps a non-legal service, as well. The difference is between administrative assistance and legal guidance. The process of applying for Medicaid can be difficult and application assistants help with collecting the necessary information and submitting it in a form that will be accepted by the state Medicaid agency.

However, they do not provide legal or planning advice. Such advice can make all the difference in terms of protecting a family home or other assets. I would strongly recommend consulting with a local elder law attorney to determine the best strategy. (You can find one at After that consultation, you can decide whether it makes more sense to engage the law firm or non-legal assistance with the application. Application assistants will be less expensive, but depending on the situation and approach you may need continuing legal counsel to get the best results. Even obtaining Medicaid coverage one month early can cover any additional legal expense.

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