Can I be Paid for Taking Care of My Disabled Son?

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I live in Florida. My son was diagnosed as disabled in 2010. Since then, I have been his caretaker and have been unable to work outside of the home. I struggle to make ends meet all the time. Now I’m really in trouble with property taxes. I have a little less than a month to pay $2,500, all or nothing. Shouldn’t I be eligible for some type of payment for taking care of my son since 2010?


That would be terrible if you lost your house.

It’s very unlikely that anyone would pay you retroactively, but depending on your son’s disability and age, you may be eligible for some form of payment going forward. For instance, if your son’s other parent has retired and is receiving Social Security, you may be able to receive payment from the Social Security Administration. Here’s an article on that benefit: Little-Known Social Security Benefit for Parents of Disabled Children.

You also might be eligible for payment through Medicaid, if your son is receiving Medicaid coverage and needs physical assistance. In Massachusetts, we have an adult foster care program that pays in-home care providers up to $18,000 a year tax-free. I’d also look into whether your town or county has any tax abatement programs for people with disabilities. It’s certainly not in their interest that you lose the house. Check with local disability agencies and the offices of your state legislators.


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